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Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

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    UNSATURATED, a. Not saturated; not supplied to the full.

    UNSAVED, a. Not saved; not having eternal life.

    UNSAVORILY, adv. So as to displease or disgust.

    UNSAVORINESS, n. A bad taste or smell.

    UNSAVORY, a.

    1. Tasteless; having no taste. Job 6:6.NWAD UNSAVORY.2

    2. Having a bad taste or smell.NWAD UNSAVORY.3

    3. Unpleasing; disgusting;NWAD UNSAVORY.4

    UNSAY, v.t. pret. and pp. unsaid. To recant or recall what has been said; to retract; to deny something declared.

    Say and unsay, feign, flatter or abjure.NWAD UNSAY.2

    UNSCALY, a. Not scaly; having no scales.

    UNSCANNED, a. Not measured; not computed.

    UNSCARED, a. Not scared; not frightened away.

    UNSCARRED, a. Not marked with scars or wounds.

    UNSCATTERED, a. Not scattered; not dispersed; not thrown into confusion.

    UNSCHOLARLY, a. Not suitable to a scholar. [A bad word.]


    1. Not bred to literature; as unscholastic statesmen.NWAD UNSCHOLASTIC.2

    2. Not scholastic.NWAD UNSCHOLASTIC.3

    UNSCHOOLED, a. Not taught; not educated; illiterate.

    UNSCIENTIFIC, a. Not scientific; not according to the rules or principles of science.

    UNSCIENTIFICALLY, adv. In a manner contrary to the rules or principles of science.

    UNSCINTILLATING, a. Not sparkling; not emitting sparks.

    UNSCORCHED, a. Not scorched; not affected by fire.

    UNSCORIFIED, a. Not scorified; not converted into dross.

    UNSCOURED, a. Not scoured; not cleaned by rubbing; as unscoured armor.

    UNSCRATCHED, a. Not scratched; not torn.

    UNSCREENED, a. Not screened; not covered; not sheltered; not protected.

    UNSCREW, v.t. To draw the screws from; to loose from screws; to unfasten.

    UNSCREWED, pp. Loosed from screws.

    UNSCREWING, ppr. Drawing the screws from.

    UNSCRIPTURAL, a. Not agreeable to the Scriptures; not warranted by the authority of the word of God; as an unscriptural doctrine.

    UNSCRIPTURALLY, adv. In a manner not according with the Scriptures.

    UNSCRUPULOUS, a. Not scrupulous; having no scruples.

    UNSCRUPULOUSNESS, n. Want of scrupulousness.

    UNSCRUTABLE. [See Inscrutable.]

    UNSCUTCHEONED, a. Not honored with a coat of arms.

    UNSEAL, v.t. To break or remove the seal of; to open what is sealed; as, to unseal a letter.

    UNSEALED, pp.

    1. Opened, as something sealed.NWAD UNSEALED.2

    2. a. Not sealed; having no seal, or the seal broken.NWAD UNSEALED.3

    UNSEALING, ppr. Breaking the seal of; opening.

    UNSEAM, v.t. To rip; to cut open.

    UNSEARCHABLE, a. unserch’able. That cannot be searched or explored; inscrutable; hidden; mysterious.

    The counsels of God are to us unsearchable.NWAD UNSEARCHABLE.2

    UNSEARCHABLENESS, n. unserch’ableness. The quality or state of being unsearchable, or beyond the power of man to explore.

    UNSEARCHABLY, adv. unserch’ably. In a manner so as not to be explored.

    UNSEARCHED, a. unserch’ed. Not searched; not explored; not critically examined.

    UNSEASONABLE, a. unsee’znable.

    1. Not seasonable; not being in the proper season or time. he called at an unseasonable hour.NWAD UNSEASONABLE.2

    2. Not suited to the time or occasion; unfit; untimely; ill timed; as unseasonable advice; an unseasonable digression.NWAD UNSEASONABLE.3

    3. Late; being beyond the usual time. He came home at an unseasonable time of night.NWAD UNSEASONABLE.4

    4. Not agreeable to the time of the year; as an unseasonable frost. The frosts of 1816, in June, July and August, in New England, were considered unseasonable, as they were unusual.NWAD UNSEASONABLE.5

    UNSEASONABLENESS, n. [supra.] The quality or state of being unseasonable, ill timed, or out of the usual time.

    UNSEASONABLY, adv. Not seasonably; not in due time, or not in the usual time; not in the time best adapted to success.

    UNSEASONED, a. unsee’znd.

    1. Not seasoned; not exhausted of the natural juices and hardened for use; as unseasoned wood, boards, timber, etc.NWAD UNSEASONED.2

    2. Not inured; not accustomed; not fitted to endure any thing by use or habit; as, men unseasoned to tropical climates are exposed to fevers.NWAD UNSEASONED.3

    3. Unformed; not qualified by use or experience; as an unseasoned courtier.NWAD UNSEASONED.4

    4. Not salted; not sprinkled, filled or impregnated with any thing to give relish; as unseasoned meat.NWAD UNSEASONED.5

    5. Unseasonable. [Not in use.]NWAD UNSEASONED.6

    UNSEAT, v.t. To throw from the seat.

    UNSEATED, pp.

    1. Thrown from the seat.NWAD UNSEATED.2

    2. a. Not seated; having no seat or bottom.NWAD UNSEATED.3

    3. Not settled with inhabitants; as unseated lands. [We usually say, unsettled.]NWAD UNSEATED.4

    UNSEAWORTHY, a. Not fit for a voyage; not able to sustain the violence of the sea; as, the ship is unseaworthy.


    1. Not seconded; not supported. The motion was unseconded; the attempt was unseconded.NWAD UNSECONDED.2

    2. Not exemplified a second time. [Not in use.]NWAD UNSECONDED.3

    UNSECRET, a. Not secret; not close; not trusty.

    UNSECRET, v.t. To disclose; to divulge. [Not used.]

    UNSECULARIZE, v.t. To detach from secular things; to alienate from the world.

    UNSECURE, a. Not secure; not safe. [But insecure is generally used.]

    UNSEDUCED, a. Not seduced; not drawn or persuaded to deviate from the path of duty.

    UNSEEDED, a. Not seeded; not sown. [Local.]

    UNSEEING, a. Wanting the power of vision; not seeing.

    UNSEEM, v.i. Not to seem. [Not in use.]

    UNSEEMLINESS, n. Uncomeliness; indecency; indecorum; impropriety.

    UNSEEMLY, a. Not fit or becoming; uncomely; unbecoming; indecent.

    My sons, let your unseemly discord cease.NWAD UNSEEMLY.2

    UNSEEMLY, adv. Indecently; unbecomingly.

    UNSEEN, a.

    1. Not seen; not discovered.NWAD UNSEEN.2

    2. Invisible; not discoverable; as the unseen God.NWAD UNSEEN.3

    3. Unskilled; inexperienced. [Not in use.]NWAD UNSEEN.4

    UNSEIZED, a.

    1. Not seized; not apprehended.NWAD UNSEIZED.2

    2. Not possessed; not taken into possession.NWAD UNSEIZED.3

    UNSELDOM, adv. Not seldom.

    UNSELECTED, a. Not selected; not separated by choice.

    UNSELECTING, a. Not selecting.

    UNSELFISH, a. Not selfish; not unduly attached to one’s own interest.

    UNSENSIBLE, a. Not sensible. [But insensible is now used.]

    UNSENT, a. Not sent; not dispatched; not transmitted.

    Unsent for, not called or invited to attend.NWAD UNSENT.2

    UNSEPARABLE, a. That cannot be parted. [But inseparable is now used.]

    UNSEPARATED, a. Not separated or parted.

    UNSEPULCHERED, a. Having no grave; unburied.

    UNSERVED, a. Not served.

    UNSERVICEABLE, a. Not serviceable; not bringing advantage, use, profit or convenience; useless; as an unserviceable utensil or garment; an unserviceable tract of land; unserviceable muskets.

    UNSERVICEABLENESS, n. The quality or state of being useless; unfitness for use.

    UNSERVICEABLY, adv. Without use; without advantage.

    UNSET, a.

    1. Not set; not placed.NWAD UNSET.2

    2. Not sunk below the horizon.NWAD UNSET.3

    UNSETTLE, v.t.

    1. To unfix; to move or loosen from a fixed state; to unhinge; to make uncertain or fluctuating; as, to unsettle doctrines and opinions.NWAD UNSETTLE.2

    2. To move from a place.NWAD UNSETTLE.3

    3. To overthrow.NWAD UNSETTLE.4

    UNSETTLE, v.t. To become unfixed.

    UNSETTLED, pp.

    1. Unfixed; unhinged; rendered fluctuating.NWAD UNSETTLED.2

    2. a. Not settled; not fixed; not determined; as doctrines, questions, opinions and the like.NWAD UNSETTLED.3

    3. Not established.NWAD UNSETTLED.4

    4. Not regular; unequal; changeable; as an unsettled season; unsettled weather.NWAD UNSETTLED.5

    5. Not having a legal settlement in a town or parish.NWAD UNSETTLED.6

    6. Having no fixed place of abode.NWAD UNSETTLED.7

    7. Not having deposited its fecal matter; turbid; as unsettled liquor.NWAD UNSETTLED.8

    8. Having no inhabitants; not occupied by permanent inhabitants; as unsettled lands in America.NWAD UNSETTLED.9


    1. The state of being unfixed, unsettled or undetermined.NWAD UNSETTLEDNESS.2

    2. Irresolution; fluctuation of mind or opinions.NWAD UNSETTLEDNESS.3

    3. Uncertainty.NWAD UNSETTLEDNESS.4

    4. Want of fixedness; fluctuation.NWAD UNSETTLEDNESS.5

    UNSETTLEMENT, n. Unsettled state; irresolution.

    UNSETTLING, ppr. Unfixing; removing from a settled state.

    UNSEVERED, a. Not severed; not parted; not divided.

    UNSEX, v.t. To deprive of the sex, or to make otherwise than the sex commonly is.

    UNSHACKLE, v.t. To unfetter; to loose from bonds; to set free from restraint; as, to unshackle the hands; to unshackle the mind.

    UNSHACKLED, pp. Loosed from shackles or restraint.

    UNSHACKLING, ppr. Liberating from bonds or restraint.

    UNSHADED, a.

    1. Not shaded; not overspread with shade or darkness.NWAD UNSHADED.2

    2. Not clouded; not having shades in coloring.NWAD UNSHADED.3

    UNSHADOWED, a. Not clouded; not darkened.

    UNSHAKABLE, a. That cannot be shaken. [Not in use.]

    UNSHAKED, for unshaken, not in use.

    UNSHAKEN, a.

    1. Not shaken; not agitated; not moved; firm; fixed.NWAD UNSHAKEN.2

    2. Not moved in resolution; firm; steady.NWAD UNSHAKEN.3

    3. Not subject to concussion.NWAD UNSHAKEN.4

    UNSHAMED, a. Not shamed; not ashamed; not abashed.

    UNSHAMEFACED, a. Wanting modesty; impudent.

    UNSHAMEFACEDNESS, n. Want of modesty; impudence.

    UNSHAPE, v.t. To throw out of form or into disorder; to confound; to derange. [Little used.]

    UNSHAPEN, a. Misshapen; deformed; ugly.

    UNSHARED, a. Not shared; not partaken or enjoyed in common; as unshared bliss.

    UNSHEATH, UNSHEATHE, v.t. To draw from the sheath or scabbard.

    Unsheath thy sword.NWAD UNSHEATH.2

    To unsheath the sword, to make war.NWAD UNSHEATH.3

    UNSHEATHED, pp. Drawn from the sheath.

    UNSHEATHING, ppr. Drawing from the scabbard.

    UNSHED, a. Not shed; not split; as blood unshed.

    UNSHELTERED, a. Not sheltered; not screened; not defended from danger or annoyance.

    UNSHIELDED, a. Not defended by a shield; not protected; exposed.

    UNSHIP, v.t.

    1. To take out of a ship or other water craft; as, to unship goods.NWAD UNSHIP.2

    2. To remove from the place where it is fixed or fitted; as, to unship an oar; to unship capstan bars.NWAD UNSHIP.3

    UNSHIPPED, pp.

    1. Removed from a ship or from its place.NWAD UNSHIPPED.2

    2. Destitute of a ship.NWAD UNSHIPPED.3

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