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Don De Prophétie: Une Réflexion Biblique Et Historique

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    2005 Resolution on the Spirit of Prophecy

    Voted, To approve the Resolution on the Spirit of Prophecy, which reads as follows:DDP 485.3

    Resolution on the Spirit of Prophecy

    As delegates to the 2005 General Conference Session in St. Louis, Missouri, we acknowledge that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been richly blessed by the Lord through the gift of prophecy manifested in the ministry and writings of Ellen G. White. Through it the Lord guided the development of the Church from a small number of members to a worldwide movement entrusted with the proclamation of a message of salvation in Christ and the hope of His soon return in glory. Her ministry has directly contributed to the preservation of the unity of the Church and has sustained it in difficult times. Her writings continue to be a most positive influence in the life of the Church, providing for it comfort, guidance, instruction, correction, and theological stimulus. Their study will constantly lead the Church back to the Bible as the very foundation of faith and practice.DDP 485.4

    As delegates, we affirm the important role the writings of Ellen G. White still play in nurturing the Adventist movement and in preserving the unity of the world Church. Consequently, we call upon Seventh-day Adventists throughout the world to prayerfully study her writings, in order to understand more fully God’s purpose for His remnant people. We call upon church leaders at all administration levels to plan and facilitate the promotion and study of the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy in their respective fields. We call upon our youth to acquaint themselves with the wealth of divine counsel found in these writings because it will greatly enrich their lives as they serve the Lord and fellow human beings. 27«Session Actions,» AR, July 5, 2005, 27, 28.DDP 485.5